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Session ends: 6/8/2015

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General Information is a friendly squash league with games played at the Sports Centre on North Parade Road, Bath. The league is informal and operated by a volunteer member of the public.

It started several years ago, originally as a company league for colleagues to play each in their lunch hours. It has since opened its doors, allowing anyone in the Bath area who is able to commit to fairly regular lunchtime games to join. It is not necessary to be a member of the Bath Sports Centre to join BathSquash (although court fees will be slightly lower if you are).

The league is free for anyone to enter and welcomes players of all standards, although most existing players will tend to have at least a base level of experience. The league is mixed sex.

We play our league games at lunch times; mainly in the 12.15pm or 1pm slot. If you are interested in playing in an evening/weekend league, please visit the Evening Squash League website (note that the lunchtime and evening leagues are run by separate individuals).

If you'd like to join, simply fill out the form on the Join BathSquash page and the league organiser will contact you. Once signed up as a member, you will be given a login for this website which will allow you to access the contact details of other players in order to arrange matches.

The league is ordered in a series of divisions, which turn over every five to seven weeks. Within each session, you will need to play four to six matches, which are arranged at mutual convenience. Many players also arrange regular friendly matches in addition to these. In case you cannot play all your games in a particular session, there is a system of walkovers which in operation for any unplayed games.

For any more information about our league, please contact the league administrator using the Contact Us page.

Latest News

13th August, 2012BathSquash lives on!

After a temporary suspension, the BathSquash league lives on!
Many thanks to Paul Cross for agreeing to take over the league. Full control will be passed to him over the coming months.